Marvel Tried for an Affleck Matt Murdock Cameo in Multiverse of Madness

Back in November I posted a cryptic post about Multiverse of Madness regarding a cameo that Marvel was hoping to make happen, and since it hasn’t come out from anyone since then; I’ve decided to clarify what and who the cameo was going to be.

Marvel made an overture to Affleck and his people offering him a very very tiny (probably less than a minute) cameo as Matt Murdock in Multiverse of Madness. The idea was to sort of peek into that universe and close the door on that version of the character, and after seeing how they gave Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man closure in No Way Home; the concept makes sense. However as I said back in November, Marvel wasn’t expecting him to sign on for it as they felt he was too loyal to Warner Brothers and he’s in The Flash, which is a similar multiverse story. I do not know if he actually declined or not, just that the overture was made in the hopes he would do it.

Of course the Twitter regulars who live to debunk stories that they didn’t break will probably put out a debunk on this, which then be deleted in the off-chance this actually ended up happening. Like I said in November, I don’t expect it to happen, but it would’ve been nice to see his Matt Murdock one more time as he did a great job as Daredevil back the 2000s.