Doctor Strange 2 is Earning its May Release Date

No, I’m not back and I really do not have time to devote to a site or podcast, but I still talk to people and hear some amazing things; such as this.

Today I heard something from one of my longest sources about a cameo Marvel would like to happen.

Apparently Disney/Marvel has begun the very preliminary communication with a former Fox Marvel star for a very tiny cameo to sort of peek into that universe and close the door on that version of this specific character. However, it doesn’t sound like they’re getting their hopes up of it happening as this person is believed to be very loyal to another studio and their franchises and the belief is they won’t sign on even for a small cameo. If it were to happen it’d be a very cool nod to the character, who is a fan favorite, and many believed this person did a good job with it; despite never being in a sequel.

This sort of stuff happening around the reshoots on the Doctor Strange sequel point to Marvel “plussing” the sequel with the additional time they have with the delay to May. That release has always been traditionally for a “big” MCU movie; and they’re making sure that the Doctor Strange sequel is definitely big enough for that date.