The Matrix Resurrections: The Best Sequel By Far?

I don’t absolutely hate the two sequels to The Matrix, I just think they are very inferior to the original movie. At the end of the first film, Neo is confident that he’s The One, but then for most of the first half of Reloaded he mopes around unsure that he’s The One. Even bigger than that, the action in both sequels comes off more performative than being part of the story. If you go back and watch the original movie, every fight scene and action sequence served a key purpose to move the story forward. That seemed to be missing from the sequels.

This December the fourth movie will release on HBO Max and in theaters, and last night I got a surprise message from one of my oldest and most reliable sources who got to see an early version of the movie. They told me that it was by far the best of the sequels. I then told another friend of mine what I’ve heard, they tend to hear things from WB as well, and they said they’ve heard similar reactions. While that’s not a high bar to clear based on Reloaded and Revolutions, it does mean I’ll likely be going to see Resurrections in theaters this December instead of just watching it on HBO Max.

I won’t be pushing this person for spoilers. They’re not one to do that for plot points, and for this movie I kind of don’t want to know everything going in. As long as it’s not as disappointing as the last two sequels is enough to get me excited to see a new Matrix movie on the big screen in just a few months.