Taskmaster’s Identity in Black Widow

No, I’m not back. But if I hear something cool I’ll still post it here and with Black Widow only a couple of weeks away one of the big fan theories about the movie is about to finally be solved; although not everyone is going to be happy. For the last year and a half some people have been trying to push the theory that Milena and Taskmaster are the same person in the movie (despite them appearing in scenes together). While others think Rick Mason is really in the Taskmaster suit. Neither of those appear to be the case.

A couple of weeks ago a 4Chan leak surfaced that claimed to tell the truth about Taskmaster, and with most 4Chan leaks people dismissed it because it clashed with their headcanon and most of the time the place is just people posting fan fiction disguised as leaks. But in this case, it sounds like the Taskmaster leak is indeed correct according to a source of mine who is in the know. Meaning it’s neither Milena, nor Rick Mason.

Instead, according to the leak Taskmaster is really Dreykov’s daughter who Natasha believes was left for dead but instead is transformed into Taskmaster and returns for revenge. If you think about it, that fits with how Marvel would give context to that line about Dreykov’s daughter from The Avengers.

Obviously this will set people off and spawn endless performance outrage YouTube videos complaining about how a female Taskmaster is destroying the MCU.