Regarding the Big Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 5 Cameo

In the months since my retirement there’s been a rapid increase in the amount of bullshit that’s been spread around and happily consumed by people who only want to be told what they want to hear. And hey, there are people more than happy to spoof feed them the bullshit they crave. WandaVision and the backlash when Fox’s Quicksilver, Mephisto, Reed Richards, and Doctor Strange didn’t appear is a perfect example of this. Now that seems to be repeating itself with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Yes, there is apparently a cameo coming up in the next episode, but as with WandaVision I think people are again vastly over hyping themselves for it. And scoopers on social media are feeding into that and contributing to it. If anything, the person who plays the character will likely be a bigger deal and surprise than who character it is.

Meaning fans should probably try to temper their hype and fan theories a bit, or else Falcon could face a similar backlash as WandaVision did. The show doesn’t deserve that. I’m honestly loving it more than WandaVision, probably because the Cap trilogy is my favorite in the MCU and this really feels like a fourth installment of that.

People are talking about how great the ending to Episode 4 was, but are missing the bigger event in the episode. Sure John Walker became US Agent in the episode, but more importantly Sam Wilson became Captain America. Episode 4 proved that Steve chose the right guy to give the shield to, and now Sam just needs to retrieve his shield, suit up, and Marvel needs to announce a Sam Wilson movie ASAP.