Superman & Lois: Man of Steel By Way of The CW

Superman isn’t hard to get right. Donner got it. Snyder got it. JJ Abrams absolutely did not. But it looks like The CW is on the way to do so with Superman & Lois.

After more than a decade with the Arrowverse, the show is (at least from the pilot) very different from those shows. As good as they can be, everyone knows the budget can be low and the episodes can hit sub-Power Rangers levels of cheese. Superman & Lois is different, it desperately wants to be Man of Steel. From the look of the show to its soundtrack, it feels like The CW made their own Man of Steel fan film but with their patented melodrama.

The pilot deals with Clark and Lois’ twins both discovering they have powers inherited from their dad that they learn is really Superman. If you’ve seen any CW show you know how it plays out, lots of melodrama with a little bit of Superman mixed in to set up the season’s big bad. That’s not really revealed until the very end of the episode, but it hints at something from the comics we’ve been begging for in live action forever.

I’m happy. It looks like we’ll have a good Superman show to look forward to every week, and it seems to have ditched the sometimes-cheap look of the Arrowverse to be its own thing.