Snyder Finally Denounces the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Toxicity

This blog is mostly being used as an archive for my other site content and I haven’t really felt any motivation to post anything for a while. Honestly I’m happy, and I’ve turned out a few offers to write for other sites simply because I’m enjoying not being involved. But something happened today I’ve been waiting since 2017 for.

Back in 2017 I broke the news that Justice League would only be two hours long. Immediately the death threats began because how dare I claim that “Zaddy’s” masterpiece would be cut down to that short length. But it was, and everyone knows what happened after that. It’s well documented in multiple places.

Yet despite many opportunities for Snyder to denounce the behavior of those acting in his name since 2017, he hasn’t…until now. Anthony Breznican has posted an epic history of Justice League on Vanity Fair, and got a quote from Snyder about the toxicity:

“I 100 percent think it’s wrong,” he says. “I don’t think that anyone should be calling anyone anything. I’ve always tried to give people in the fandom attention who do good things.”