Hailee Steinfeld is Kate Bishop

The other day I posted how December wasn’t going to be that great for those people and websites who still were trying to claim that Hailee Steinfeld wouldn’t be Kate Bishop in Hawkeye, and as today’s the first of the month; it’s already beginning for them.

Hailee made an Instagram post to mark her upcoming birthday. Although she is a Sagittarius and the symbol of that zodiac is the archer, the choice of the photo that looks like Kate Bishop and the fact that the directors of the Hawkeye series responded with three purple hearts pretty much seals it.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Hailee was going to be Kate Bishop way back in September of 2019. In the year+ since then a lot has happened, such as a pandemic, but she was always Marvel’s first choice for the character.

Earlier in 2020 when there was uncertainty about the Apple TV+ Dickinson situation and a desire to film Hawkeye in the summer, Marvel did meet with a few actresses as a backup plan. That’s why you are still seeing some people (who don’t know what they’re talking about) being adamant that Hailee isn’t going to be Kate Bishop. Many of the same sites claiming that were also wrong about Ms. Marvel, as they were pushing a Disney Channel actress who was teasing things on social media as the “most likely” choice.

Then the pandemic hit. Around early March, right when everything locked down, it sounded like Marvel was leaning towards one of the other backup choices. That was before everything started to get delayed. As movies and shows were being pushed into later 2020 and even 2021, that also affected filming schedules and that changed a lot. When schedules began to become affected, any potential conflicts involving Hailee and Hawkeye were washed away and in July she officially signed on.

Of course that didn’t stop some sites from spending the last few months trying to debunk her being cast and pushing an unknown for the role, for reasons only they can explain.

With Hawkeye filming ramping up in both New York and Georgia, it’s possible spy photos of Hailee on the set could leak out soon. Which could be one reason for this backchannel “confirmation” of her role on her Instagram.