US Agent Confirmed to Use the Captain America Title in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

When US Agent’s costume was revealed in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, many suspected that he’d become the government’s new Captain America. That happened in the comics, and it looks like the series will be following that comic introduction.

The Mini Mates toys for the series have been found by an Instagram collector at Wallgreens, and the US Agent figure is just named “Captain America”. This seems to confirm the suspicion that the series will be taking inspiration from Captain America #333 where the government strips Steve Rogers of his Cap title and gives it to John Walker. In the MCU as Sam went against the Sokovia Accords, he’s seen as a criminal the government can’t control, so they likely took the shield from him and gave it to Walker.

As we’ve seen from the set videos, things with Walker don’t seem to go as the government expected and he becomes a pretty vicious Captain America. That means Sam will probably end up with the title by the end of the series…