The Disney+ Investors Day is December 10th

Disney+ has just become the focus of the Walt Disney Company, and to discuss that and give people a preview of what’s to come; Disney will hold an Investors Day on December 10th. Bob Chapek announced an upcoming Investors Day during the 3Q earnings call in August, and while a false date did surface recently, this December 10th date is official from Disney themselves.

The news came from The Wrap as Bob Chapek announced a massive restructuring of the Walt Disney Company to put streaming at the center of everything they do.

Prior to the launch of Disney+, the company held an Investors Day in April of 2019. That’s when Kevin Feige officially confirmed WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Loki. We will most likely hear MCU series updates at this next Investors Day, possibly including release dates for Loki and Falcon.