Sony Addresses the Tobey & Andrew Spider-Man 3 Rumors

Over the last week or so, the internet was set aflame from a rumor that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield had “officially” signed on to star in Spider-Man 3 alongside Tom Holland. As rumors that people desperately want to be true tend to do, the rumor spread to every website that wanted some quick clicks. But now comes a somewhat official word from Sony on the rumor.

ET Canada asked a Sony rep about it and they said:

“Those rumoured castings are not confirmed”

Now to be fair, that’s what any rep will say when a website or magazine picks up the phone to try to confirm something. People always like to use reps to debunk rumors, because 99.9% of the time the rep will debunk every internet rumor if the studio hasn’t announced it yet. So of course that means it’ll be unconfirmed until the studio decides to announce it, but as of right now that’s the official word.

At the same time, fans might be overhyping themselves expecting them to show up as Spider-Men in the movie. Marvel does want the “Legacy” actors from the Sony and Fox eras to pop up in the MCU; although in different roles. That means that if Tobey and Andrew were to show up in Spider-Man 3, they might be playing very different roles. A cameo for Tobey as Uncle Ben in a flashback or Andrew as a villain, for example.