Hailee Steinfeld is ‘Locked In’ as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye

Back in July, The Illuminerdi reported that the long confusion over who would play Kate Bishop in Hawkeye was finally resolved when Hailee Steinfeld signed on. Now, Marvel Studios hasn’t made any casting announcements since SDCC last summer and all casting information such as this comes from the Hollywood Trades; and they broke the Hailee news last September. Since Marvel hasn’t made any announcements since July 2019 and the Hailee new was that September, some refuse to believe she’s been cast without an official announcement.

Now comes even more evidence supporting what was reported back in July. Today Daniel Richtman revealed a new casting grid for Hawkeye (which is probably a few weeks old) that shows both Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld as “set” in their roles for the series. “Set” means they’ve been cast and are locked into their roles.

Hawkeye will reportedly begin filming sometime this month, meaning those waiting for an official announcement from Marvel about Hailee Steinfeld will probably see spy photos from the Atlanta shoot appear on places like JustJared long before they hear anything from the studio. After all, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is nearly done filming entirely, and Marvel Studios has only officially announced three cast members in that film…