Cara Dune Rumored to Be Up For Her Own Disney+ Series

Disney+ is going to be the future of Star Wars, at least for the next few years, and Lucasfilm is going to be ramping up with the live action series very quickly. The Mandalorian Season 2 is said to start setting up some of these new shows, with the inclusion of characters like Ahsoka, but now a new rumor says one of the Mando characters might be spun off.

According to LRM Online, Cara Dune is one of the characters in consideration for a solo series. I can back up their report as I heard about a month or two ago that such a series came under consideration during the filming of The Mandalorian Season 2 after Gina Carano and one of the new cast members really hit it off. Discussions then began about the possibility of spinning Cara Dune off into her own show.

Cara Dune certainly has a lot of potential for a solo series. She was a Rebellion Shock Trooper and survivor of Alderaan, so there’s a lot of cool possibilities there for flashbacks to the Galactic Civil War. Of all of the characters in The Mandalorian, she makes the most sense to spin off into a solo series.