Spider-Man: Far From Home Promoted on a Disney+ Ad

While all of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe films are now available to stream on Disney+, the service is obviously missing the three movies that aren’t owned by the studio. Universal’s The Incredible Hulk and Sony’s two Spider-Man movies aren’t yet streaming on the service, but now there’s a sign that one of those might possibly be on the way.

Last November when Disney+ launched, the studio said they were “hoping” that they would be able to offer the Sony MCU films, and now a banner ad on the ShopDisney Marvel section promoting Disney+ shows the poster for Spider-Man: Far From Home:

Now, ShopDisney has made mistakes similar to this in the past. Last year the description of a Genis-Vell Captain Marvel figure said it was from the movie, sparking people to run articles claiming the character was a surprise appearance. However, a text description on a product is vastly different than including a poster of a non-Disney movie on an ad for Disney+…