Wondering Where the Eternals Trailer is?

Marvel’s big new Phase 4 franchise, The Eternals, is just about six months from release and fans are becoming a little impatient waiting for a first-look at the star-studded cast in action. When that will happen rests on the fate of one movie that’s only a couple months away.

Simply put, the fate of the Eternals teaser trailer rests with what will happen with Black Widow. Until they know if that movie will be delayed out of November or not, everything is in a holding pattern.

If Black Widow is delayed to 2021, then the entire MCU slate will shift again. However, if Black Widow becomes a Disney+ Premier Access movie like Mulan (and Soul is rumored to be), and Eternals is able to retain its February release date; then we’d see a release of the teaser trailer.

We know there was a trailer produced earlier this year, which would’ve been released online in early-to-mid April and then in theaters with Black Widow in May. However as everyone knows the pandemic delayed everything, and most recently we saw word that the Eternals teaser was localized; meaning they were preparing it for a worldwide release. As the trailer is ready to go, once they’re certain of the fate of Black Widow; we’ll probably see it pretty quickly.