The Black Widow Trailer Playing With New Mutants is Not New

This week The New Mutants actually opened in some select theaters that are allowed to open in their states, and Disney is running a trailer for Black Widow before each showing. Despite reports online that it’s a “new” trailer, you’ve already seen everything it shows.

In fact, it’s identical to the Final Trailer that was released back on March 9th with only a couple very minor changes:

  • The “On May 1” text at the :56 mark is replaced with “On November 6”.
  • The 5.1.2020 date at the end of the trailer is changed to 11.6.2020.

Other than those two changes, is no new footage or dialog. All of the shots and music are identical to the March 9th trailer. People reporting that it’s new either haven’t watched that other trailer in a while or forgot about it. You are not missing any new Black Widow footage by not seeing The New Mutants in theaters, and there honestly isn’t a real reason to release this trailer online as the only changes to it are the release dates.

Of course whether or not Black Widow releases in theaters on November 6th is subject to many factors including how many theaters are actually open by then, how other theatrical releases such as TENET perform, and probably most importantly how Mulan performs as a Disney+ Premier Access option next week.