Yes, Hawkeye Will Be in the Avengers Game

Ever since Square-Enix at long last announced Crystal Dynamic’s Avengers game last year, fans have been wondering where Hawkeye was. Since the reveal we’ve seen Hank Pym as well as a playable Ms. Marvel, but the Avenger’s archer has been missing. Today, Crystal Dynamics revealed that Hawkeye will be the first post-launch character added to the game and, yes, he’ll be a free addition.

They revealed on the official PlayStation Blog that Hawkeye will have his own unique mission chain to play through, either solo or co-op, and posted this piece of concept art of an alternate outfit inspired by Matt Fraction’s run:

The first beta for Marvel’s Avengers begins next weekend for those who pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 version of the game. The following week is another beta, inviting Xbox players, and those who complete the beta will unlock Hulk glove pickaxes in Fortnite.