Warner Brothers is in Development on a ‘Justice League: Rebirth’ Film

While fans are excited to see Zack Snyder’s Justice League sometime in 2021 on HBO Max, Warner is looking forward to the future of the iconic team and it appears that they have huge plans to bring the super friends back to the big screen.

I’ve learned today that Warner Brothers has begun development on a Justice League: Rebirth film which is separate from the Snyder Cut and not a continuation of that Justice League story. This movie is live-action, and is not animated.

It’s all very early but it wouldn’t be surprising at all if they were to approach someone like JJ Abrams to direct (due to his overall deal at WB, his stature, and Bad Robot’s involvement in other DC projects), and they might even be interested in someone like Christina Hodson to write it. She’s already involved with Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and The Flash (which will soft-reboot the DC universe prior to this new Justice League). If something like that were to happen, it would position JJ Abrams and Christina Hodson as being DC’s version of Kevin Feige where they have a plan for the future of the DC film universe and will execute it.

There have been lots of previous rumors that WB would want JJ Abrams to take a crack at Superman, and a Justice League movie is right up his big budget blockbuster alley after conquering Star Trek and Star Wars. It’ll also be a big way for DC to establish that they’re serious about these characters and making them a success on the big screen. As the “Rebirth” title hints, this will be a resurrection of Justice League and a reboot of sorts, which is again something JJ has experience with. I’m not saying he’s the one who’ll do it, but it’ll make a lot of sense if WB tried to get him for it.

Obviously this is going to be disappointing for one segment of the fanbase who had hoped that Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max would lead to a sequel to that and a continuation of that storyline. But Warner putting a new, separate, Justice League into development means they are moving on to a new future for the DCEU and it really does seem like they have a plan for it now.