Thirty Minutes of ‘Black Widow’ Will Be in IMAX

It’s not uncommon for Marvel films to feature scenes in the IMAX aspect ratio, or be entirely in IMAX like the last two Avengers movies, and now we’ve learned that Black Widow will continue the tradition when its eventually released.

Trailer Track’s Anton Volkov listened to the IMAX earnings call yesterday and noticed something no one else did; that thirty minutes of Black Widow will be in the IMAX aspect ratio:

As of right now Black Widow is still scheduled to come out in November. When it does eventually reach home video and digital, it probably won’t include the IMAX scenes.

While in the past the 3D Blu-Rays for the Marvel films did; in recent years IMAX hasn’t allowed that which is why we still can’t see the IMAX Infinity War or Endgame at home. IMAX has their “IMAX Enhanced” digital movies through stores like Fandango NOW, but as of now there aren’t any Disney Marvel Studios movies available, however Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home is in IMAX on the service.