The Rumored New Mutants Disney+ TV Spot Has a Lot of New Footage

Earlier this morning a TV spot surfaced from Australia that appears to reveal that New Mutants will stream on Disney+ on September 4th. The origin of the spot was deduced by an Australian candy commercial preceding it, and the “M” for Mature (15+) ratings logo in the lower corner.

Disney reps have told some sites and insiders that the TV spot is fake, although it should be noted that the same Disney reps also said that leaked promo art for Solo: A Star Wars Story and Avengers: Endgame was also fake just weeks before that art appeared on toy packaging. Director Josh Boone was also asked by a fan on Instagram about the TV spot and he said he believed it to be fake. However, there’s a lot of evidence that can’t be so easily explained away by a blanket “fake” statement.

The trailer actually has dialog and shots from the movie that were not used in any of the officially released trailers or TV spots for New Mutants, going all the way back to the first teaser trailer years ago.

Right at the beginning of the TV spot is new dialog. The line, “All of you are dangerous, that’s why you are here” is new. Previous trailers used different dialog that said, “New Mutants are dangerous, that’s why you are here.”

At 00:16 of the TV spot is one of the biggest things that’s different. It’s a shot of Danielle Moonstar’s face on an infra-red monitor. A similar shot was used in the January 2020 trailer, but the angle was lower on the table and you could see Alice Braga in the frame. In this Disney+ spot the angle is higher on the table and Moonstar’s expression on the monitor is one of agony. It’s an entirely new shot we haven’t seen before.

Another new shot comes at 00:17 where see the Demon Bear smashing through a wall in front of what looks to be Alice Braga. This shot was described in the Cinefex article about the visual effects a few months ago, but this TV spot is the first time we’ve seen it.

We’ve seen a still of the cast sitting on a floor among rubble, but at 00:19 is a half-second of footage from that scene we haven’t seen used yet. Then at 00:22 is a murky shot that appears to be new. I looks like it’s Danielle Moonstar in a bunch of dust and debris facing off against something, likely the Demon Bear.

It’s very easy for people to come out and say a trailer like this is fake, but it’s much harder to explain how a “fake” trailer like this could have new dialog and footage from a major movie that was not publicly released before now. Either someone gained access to the movie to cut their own fake trailer using new unreleased shots, or an international arm of Disney accidentally released a TV spot ahead of whatever they were planning to reveal at the SDCC@Home New Mutants panel on Thursday.