Has Hailee Steinfeld Signed on for Kate Bishop in Hawkeye?

UPDATE: In the 90 minutes since this story ran, the 99% went to 100% as the contract has now been signed. Marvel Studios has their Kate Bishop, officially.

The search drama over Kate Bishop might be over very soon. Today The Illuminati is reporting that Hailee Steinfeld has been “officially” signed as Kate Bishop. Technically she hasn’t signed on…yet.

According to sources, it’s not 100% official. It’s more like 99%. No contract has been signed, but it’s looking like it’ll happen. It can happen this week, but as of this writing the contract hasn’t had pen to paper just yet.

Back in March I reported that there was still a chance of Hailee getting the part despite Marvel meeting with two other actresses in February. What that meant was the during week that everything shut down due for the pandemic, Hailee was going to once again meet with Marvel. The thing is, the day she was going to meet was after the world shut down in that week in March; so there’s no way to know what happened from that meeting.

So that’s the current status of Kate Bishop. Hailee looks like she secured it, but it’s not 100% official as of this writing. It’s possible that it will be official soon, and if so you’re sure to see places like The Hollywood Reporter and Variety confirming it.