Zack Snyder Confirms Dick Grayson is the Dead Robin in the DCEU

For a long time it’s been suspected that Dick Grayson was the dead Robin in the DCEU, as there was a “Grayson” headstone in the graveyard near Wayne Manor on the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. While there is some confusion based on comments about Suicide Squad that said it was Jason Todd, today we have confirmation it’s Dick Grayson.

Zack Snyder confirmed on Vero today that it is indeed Dick who was killed by the Joker and Justice League would’ve had a hint about it:

Everyone who reads DC Comics knows how one of the higher ups there who is no longer with the publisher (no, not Geoff Johns) famously hated Dick Grayson so much that it was almost a meme. Was it his idea to off Grayson or Snyder’s?