The MCU Will Reportedly See a Familiar Mutant Appear Soon

Everyone is wondering who will be the first X-Men seen in the MCU. Besides some lesser-known Mutants, such as one who may show up in Shang-Chi, there hasn’t many any legitimate reports about major Mutants showing up yet. Sure, everyone is making up BS about Wolverine popping out of a portal in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, but it sounds like we might see some other Mutants before the familiar ones are redone in the MCU.

According to Daniel Richtman, Marvel has plans to introduce Firestar into the MCU. Although she was featured in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Angelica Jones is a Mutant and thus would fall under the Marvel Studios side of the MCU and not Sony’s SPUMC universe.

What’s interesting about this is Firestar has been a member of the New Warriors in the comics, even the recent relaunch of the team. Most Marvel fans will remember that Marvel Television produced a pilot for a New Warriors series that was never picked up; leaving those characters open for Marvel Studios to use in the future. It’s possible that the plans for Firestar could lead the New Warriors being introduced officially into the MCU.