Marvel is Beginning to Lay the Groundwork For Their Greatest Villain in the MCU

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Disney’s purchase of Fox and those Marvel characters returning home isn’t so much the X-Men, but rather Marvel’s greatest super villain having the chance to be done right for the first time. Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four in the 90s gave us a decent Doctor Doom, but most audiences are more familiar with the botched Fox attempts at the character. But now Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios are preparing to give the best comic book villain the respect he deserves.

Something Fox sort of ignored about Doctor Doom was the country of Latveria. Sure there were nods to it in the movies, but you never saw Doom ruling over his country, or even the country at all. It sounds like that won’t be an issue in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we will see major Latverians other than Doom introduced, perhaps even as a way to set up the big guy. You know how Marvel likes to play the long game and set things up in advance.

Which brings us to the subject of this whole story. I’ve learned that Marvel Studios is planning to introduce Lucia Von Bardas to the MCU. In the comics, she’s actually the successor to Doctor Doom after he was deposed as the ruler of Latveria and even used the Doctor Doom name for a time. As we haven’t been introduced to Doom yet, it’s possible Lucia Von Bardas could be used as a way to introduce Latveria, perhaps even as its prime minister (as in the comics), who then would be replaced with Doom.

However she’s used in the MCU, that they’re wanting to bring in a character like Lucia Von Bardas shows that Marvel Studios knows that there is a lot more to Doctor Doom than him just screaming “Richards!” all the time. Fleshing out Doom with supporting characters like Lucia Von Bardas is similar to how they built up Wakanda before Black Panther was introduced in Civil War.

It’s really starting to sound like Doom is very close to making his long-awaited debut in the MCU, and movie audiences will finally be introduced to the greatest comic book super villain of them all.