Cyborg Rumored to Appear in The Flash Movie

It appears as if things are really starting to move forward on the long-delayed Flash movie. We heard a few weeks ago that they were looking for a new Iris West for the film, and now there’s a new rumor about who one of the supporting characters may be in the movie.

According to Daniel Richtman, there were plans to include Cyborg in the upcoming Flash film in some way. It does need to be stressed that the information might be out of date and from an older version of the movie as it has gone through multiple changes over the years.

But if you think about it, this does make a lot of sense as the two characters bonded in Justice League; so it’d be fun to see Victor show up to help Barry in his big screen adventure. Also, Barry mentioned Victor in his Crisis on Infinite Earths Cameo a few months ago.

We also do know that the Flash movie is going to be based on Flashpoint, which also brings up all sorts of different possibilities of how Cyborg could play into the story. And since it is based on Flashpoint, there’s also the possibility that other DC characters could show up for a cameo.

Right now The Flash movie is still scheduled for a summer 2022 release, and with all of this stuff starting to come out about the film it seems likely to hit that date.