Zack Snyder’s Justice League Rumored to Release May 21, 2021

When Zack Snyder announced the release of his Justice League for HBO Max on Wednesday, everyone has wondered when in 2021 it would be. Even though it’s streaming on HBO Max, a summer release would be perfect for it as Warner was forced to delay The Batman to October 1, 2021. There wasn’t any hint of a release window when it was announced, but now there’s a rumor of when it’ll be releasing; and it’s exactly one year from now.

In a Facebook reply about the release Terry Fox, granddaughter of Gardner Fox the creator of the original Justice League of America, says it’ll be released on May 21, 2021:

Now, there’s no way to know how or why she knows this specifically, but the date does make sense. It’s one year from now, which is more than enough time to finish the cut, and it is a Friday and a lot of things do release on the big streaming services on Fridays. Disney uses that as the premiere date for many of their Disney+ originals. It’s possible HBO Max is planning to do the same, especially for movies like Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Gardner Fox created the Justice Society of America during the Golden Age of comic books, and then revived them in the Silver Age as the Justice League of America. May 20th is his birthday, so that would be a fitting day for them to release a Justice League movie. But right now just take this as a rumor until we hear anything official from Snyder, WB, or HBO Max regarding the release date.