Zack Snyder Teases Additional Footage Needed For a ‘Snyder Cut’

We don’t, and won’t ever, talk much about the “Snyder Cut” here on DCEU Mythic. Partially due to how the followers of that treat other people, but mostly due to Warner Brothers wanting to move on instead of investing a lot of money to re-release a three-year-old movie when they have a full slate of releases on the way.

Over the last few weeks, Zack Snyder was holding a contest to again try to drive more people to the Vero app where fans could design a poster for the “Snyder Cut”. While some strung others along making them think the contest would end with an announcement of a release, the reality is the prize is a slate used on the set of the movie.

On the back of the slate is a new message that mentions additional footage being filmed, with the caveat that “in the unlikely and purely speculative event that such photography is needed”:

This coincides with Snyder saying back in December that the cut isn’t 100% finished, and additional footage would make sense as he left the movie prior to reshoots being done:

If there is additional footage that needs to be filmed, it kind of hurts the argument that a 100% finished version is just lying around and evil Warner is preventing it from being released. Filming additional footage would also be a challenge with people like Ben Affleck not likely returning.

Obviously this won’t discourage the “true believers” at all, as people will still spread that the cut is finished.