Writers Have Been Tapped for a New Star Wars Movie!

We know that Disney has three Star Wars dates claimed in 2022, 2024, and 2026; but no one knows that movies are going there. Previous reports in December said that we’d hear something about the 2022 movie in January, but the month came and went without any news.

Now The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Sleight writer J.D. Dillard and the writer on several Marvel television shows Matt Owens have been hired to write a new Star Wars movie that’s in development. They say it’s not known if it’s for theatrical release or Disney+, but this is separate from the Kevin Feige movie and Rian Johnson’s movies.

This is just speculation, but it could be connected to whatever movie the Game of Thrones duo were working on prior to leaving Lucasfilm for Netflix a few months ago. That was always a third movie in development, and as this isn’t the Feige or Johnson one; that remains a possibility.