A Small Update on the Future of ‘Solo’ and Disney+

You might remember back in September when I posted a rumor that there was some sort of spin-off or continuation of Solo: A Star Wars Story in the planning stages for Disney+. Now I’ve found out one more detail about that from a separate source that backs up what I heard in September, and more.

When the story was originally posted, it wasn’t clear exactly what form this sequel/spin-off would take. While I still think it’ll likely that the spin-off series will deal with the crime syndicates such as Crimson Dawn and Black Sun (being the first time the latter is seen in live action), Disney and Lucasfilm are apparently very serious about trying to bring back Lando. And there’s more.

During Disney’s last earnings call, it was hinted that future characters that show up in The Mandalorian could be spun off into their own series, and it sounds like that idea isn’t going to be limited to that show.

If they are able to bring back Lando in the Solo spin-off, it’s very likely he’ll also receive his own series on the streaming service as well.

Bob Iger said on that earnings call that for the time being the future of Star Wars is television, and from things going on behind the scenes it sounds like they’re taking that serious and planning to really expand the Star Wars universe with series on Disney+.

We can only cross our fingers and hope that everything works out and they manage to get Lando back for both the spin-off show and his own series.