The CW’s ‘Crisis’ Executive Producer Confirms Ezra Miller’s Flash Movie is ‘Flashpoint’

The saga of Ezra Miller’s live action Flash movie is a rollercoaster for sure. Always being delayed, writer and director changes, and even multiple different rumors about the plot. At one time it was Flashpoint, then it wasn’t, but now there’s a somewhat official word that it is again based on Flashpoint.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths on The CW, EP Marc Guggenheim specifically says Miller’s movie is “Flashpoint” when talking about his cameo in Crisis:

The trick with the scene is that I didn’t want to and they didn’t want me to do anything that stepped on the toes of the Flashpoint movie that they’re developing. 

We can only hope they know what they’re doing and they’re not rushing too quickly into the Flashpoint storyline. The TV series handled it well, and very differently than in the comics, so we’ll have to wait and see how they adapt it to the big screen.