Ripper of The Hellbent May Appear in Moon Knight

Earlier today I let you know about a lesser-known Marvel character named Mist who has a future in the MCU. Aside from being a Thor-related character, it’s hard to say exactly where she’ll make her debut. Well, there’s another obscure character on the way and it’s a little easier to place him.

Marvel has plans to use a character known as Ripper in the MCU. While there are a couple of characters by that name in Marvel comics, the one headed to the MCU is a male character; meaning it’s Ripper of The Hellbent.

Debuting in the Marc Spector: Moon Knight run in the 90s, Ripper is a member of human-demon hybrids known as the Hellbent that are the result of early man being merged with elder races in ancient pre-history.

It’s not known if that aspect of the Hellbent will be translated to the screen (although there’s a possible Eternals connection there), but with the character’s connection to Moony, it’s very possible that’s where he’ll show up; although he could easily appear in any of the horror related Marvel projects such as Blade as well.

When Disney bought Marvel in 2009, they got access to over 5000 characters. The first ten years of the MCU just scratched the surface, and the upcoming Phases appear to be introducing some real deep pulls from the Marvel Universe of characters…