See Disney CEO Bob Iger Explain How Tom Holland Saved Spider-Man

Earlier this week, well respected Hollywood trade The Hollywood Reporter revealed that it was Tom Holland who saved the Disney-Sony deal over Spider-Man. Despite a publication that’s been around for nearly 90 years reporting the information, some would rather believe elaborate stories of secret deals than what really happened.

Well, now one of the people directly responsible for the deal confirmed that Tom Holland was responsible for bringing Sony and Disney back together.

Last night Disney CEO Bob Iger was on Jimmy Kimmel to promote his book, and Kimmel asked Iger if Tom Holland really was involved with saving the deal. Iger confirms he was, and explains that after D23 Expo; Tom Holland asked for his phone number and email and it was Tom caring so much about the fans and Spider-Man that convinced Iger to pick up the phone and call the head of Sony and fix the situation.

They released a video of his appearance, including the discussion of Spider-Man. You can see the head of Disney confirm that Tom Holland was responsible for saving Spider-Man in this video: