Rumor: Stained Glass Scarlet is a Villain in Moon Knight on Disney+

Marvel Studios first two Disney+ series, The Falcon and The Winter Solider and WandaVision, are beginning production this year and while there will be some cool things coming about those; Marvel is starting work on later series such as Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight.

Marvel hasn’t yet found their Marc Spector, although the search is on, but today we know who one of the villains in the show will be. Despite rumors flying around on the internet, this rumor isn’t about Spector’s arch-nemesis Bushman; instead there will be a lesser-known Moon Knight character as a villain in the series.

According to a reliable source, Stained Glass Scarlet will appear in the series. I do not know if she’s the main villain, or something different in the story, but she’s been a villain in the Moon Knight comics since her first appearance way back in Moon Knight #14.

As a lot of people are unfamiliar with Moon Knight and his rogue’s gallery, Stained Glass Scarlet is an ex-nun who has a psychic connection with Marc Spector and can enter his mind in the form of dreams.

It’s entirely possible that Bushman could still show up in the series, as he is one of Moon Knight’s biggest villains, but Scarlet looks to be the first villain “confirmed” for the show.