Rumor: Marvel’s Unexpected Plans for Doctor Doom

When Marvel regained the rights to the Fox characters as a result of the Disney-Fox purchase, everyone is eagerly awaiting the appearance of one of the greatest villains of all time on the big screen in the way he deserves to be seen. But if a new rumor is correct, it’ll be done in a way that hasn’t been done before.

Fox made three Fantastic Four movies and all of them featured Doctor Doom as the villain. Even with the Galactus cloud in the second one, they brought back Doom in the sequel. I don’t need to remind you how he looked in Fantastic Four 2015. It’s a meme now. And if you count the unreleased Roger Corman movie from the 90s, Doom has been the villain in every Fantastic Four movie ever made.

So it sounds like Marvel Studios wants to do something different than the previous Fantastic Four movies. And that means that Doom may not be the villain in their first movie.

At the same time they realize how important Doctor Doom is to the overall Marvel Universe. He’s easily in the top three Marvel villains. Which means they do want him to have a very big role in the future of the MCU. They’re apparently talking about a lot of different options, and one idea that’s been floated is giving Doom a limited series on Disney+ before clashing with the Fantastic Four in a future big-screen sequel.

The Fantastic Four have a lot of villains beyond Doom that they can encounter in their first movie. Characters like Annihilus, Kang, Mole Man, and even Galactus are all great options before going to Doom again.

In a way Doctor Doom was becoming the Lex Luthor or General Zod in the movies, people ignored all other villains and just went with the most recognizable. It makes a lot of sense for Feige to do something different when introducing Marvel’s First Family into the MCU.