Rumor: A Spin-Off of ‘Solo’ is Planned for Disney+

For the last few months, a #MakeSolo2Happen hashtag has been been picking up steam on Twitter as people start to discover Solo: A Star Wars Story on home video and realize that it’s actually really good.

While we’ll probably not see a sequel or continuation of Han’s story, I’ve heard a rumor that some kind spin-off set after the events of the movie is being developed as a Disney+ series. As details are scarce; some kind of underworld series dealing with the Crimson Dawn and other scoundrels sounds the most likely. Although I wouldn’t be shocked if someone like Lando were to show up…

Back in June of 2018, MakingStarWars reported that some kind of “Mos Eisley” film was in development at Pinewood Studios UK, and it was postponed when Disney changed their stance on the Star Wars spinoff films.

It’s very possible that like with the Obi-Wan Disney+ series, the work done on that Mos Eisley project is being repurposed for Disney+ and that’s what this “Solo” spin-off has evolved from. Lucasfilm never really throws away anything, as stories from the Underworld television series were repurposed for many different things over the last few years.

With no new Star Wars movie until 2022, Disney+ is where people will find new Star Wars content between the end of the Skywalker saga and the beginning of a new one. There are apparently some unannounced Star Wars projects for the streaming service (both live action and animated), and if this rumor is true; one of those will take its inspiration from characters or elements from Solo: A Star Wars Story.