Merchoid Advanced Tech Quantum Realm Hoodie Review

When Merchoid revealed their Avengers “Advanced Tech” hoodies a few months ago, people were immediately interested in them. The white, red, and black hoodies helped confirm that the “white suits” in Avengers: Endgame were real; despite people at the time still going around saying that they were fake. They also looked really cool, and superhero hoodies are something that’s really popular these days.

I managed to get one of these “Advanced Tech” Hoodies, which they’re now adding the Quantum name to, and can confirm it looks just as cool as the product photos on the site, and it’s a quality 100% polyester hoodie.

The red and black parts of the hoodie are smooth, while the white (or off-white) parts have a texture. The Avengers logo on the chest in embroidered:
Merchoid Advanced Tech Quantum Hoodie

There’s another Avengers logo on the right sleeve, which is printed:
Merchoid Advanced Tech Quantum Hoodie

I’ve worn the hoodie in public, and had people asking me about it and where I got it. It’s comfortable and the sizing seems to be pretty accurate. In the past I’ve had hoodies that seem to be sized a size smaller than they’re supposed to be, so I was worried about that with this one but it wasn’t an issue. So I’m pretty happy with this hoodie and it’s one I’ll be using for quite some time to come. I’ll probably even start wearing it on the MCU Cosmic YouTube channel.

Merchoid Advanced Tech Quantum Hoodie

Merchoid is currently running another pre-sale on the hoodies, which will ship in July 2019. You can find them on their site here.