Marvel’s Black Widow is Currently Filming in Norway

Marvel’s upcoming and unannounced Black Widow movie was said to begin filming in June, but it looks like at least some of it has already begun in Norway.

“Blue Bayou” Production trucks are on location now and Scarlett Johanssen is on set, filming in a small Norwegian town up against a Loch near Sæbø, which will double for Russia in the film and be Natasha’s childhood home. If they’re filming her childhood, that cements that at least part of the movie will be a prequel, and kind of squashes some of those crazier rumors from the last couple weeks about it being a more recent story.

Paparazzi are in the location, so don’t be surprised if you see set photos surface soon at the normal places where photo leaks come out. There are already some photos of Scarlett at the location.

With Black Widow beginning production, we’re likely to be learning a lot more about the movie before Marvel Studios even announces it officially!