ABC Producing a Marvel Series About Female Superheroes

Think those Marvel Studios-produced series on the Disney streaming service would be the end to Marvel Television shows on normal TV? Think again. Despite bogus rumors being spread that Marvel Television would be going away or merged with Marvel Studios, it looks like they’re still producing new series such as this one.

Deadline reports that ABC has given a production commitment to a new series featuring lesser-known female Marvel heroes from the writer of the Wonder Woman movie:

“In typical Marvel fashion, further details are being kept close to the vest, but I hear the drama is based on lesser-known Marvel characters. There have been a number of fairly obscure female superhero team-ups that have appeared sporadically in Marvel comics over the years, including A-Force, Lady Liberators and Fearless Defenders.”

With season six of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. possibly being the end of the series, something like this would be the perfect opportunity to have Daisy Johnson be the lead of a new team of heroes. There are also “lesser known” female heroes that could play a role in something like this, such as Kate Bishop, Riri Williams, or Jessica Drew. It’ll be interesting to see who they choose with the big names obviously going to the Disney streaming service…