Extermination #1 is 90s Style X-Men Fun (Spoilers)

WARNING: Spoilers for Extermination #1 are below!

For the last few years in the X-Men comics there has been a group of time-displaced X-Men from the 60s. Despite this not creating a universe-destroying paradox (yet), the original X-Men team have been living in the present day 616 Marvel universe. That is all supposed to change with Extermination.

The new limited series X-Men event launched today with Extermination #1, and the clock is ticking for the time-displaced X-Men. In this first issue we see a glimpse of the Xavier’s school in the future while introducing a mysterious cloaked figure. It’s really just a setup issue, but much like Infinity Wars #1 a couple of weeks ago, Marvel is kicking things off with a major death.

This mysterious hooded figure in the issue ends up killing Cable, only at the end of the issue being revealed to be a younger version of Cable.

It reminds me of the 90s X-Men comics when people were obsessing who the “X-Traitor” that Bishop mentioned. Time traveling sci-fi with someone wiping out members of the X-Men from within. Hopefully the remainder of the limited series delivers what the first issue sets up, as this has the potential to be a fun conclusion to the story of the time-displaced X-Men in the Marvel universe.