Confirmed: The Justice League Runtime is 121mins

Yesterday I posted how a reliable source let me know that theaters were informed this week, by Warner Brothers, that the final runtime for Justice League was 121mins (or 2 hours, 1 minute). After a day full of harassment from toxic fans who didn’t want to believe the movie wasn’t three hours long, I’ve received more confirmation that the runtime is in fact 121 min. 

Two additional sources on top of the first confirmed it, and none are even remotely connected to each other. One has even seen the movie and says it’s definitely shorter than Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Wonder Woman. 

So far Regal Cinemas, AMC Theaters, Galaxy Cinemas, and the Atom tickets app are showing the legitimate 121min runtime. That makes sense as it is theaters who were told what the runtime is so they could prepare to put tickets on sale this coming week. 

Speaking of tickets, it doesn’t look like they will go on sale this weekend. Instead there seems to be some kind of plan for a major sporting event coming up, much like how The Last Jedi tickets went on sale. So I’d pay attention to the baseball game on Tuesday if you want to know when you can buy tickets…

UPDATE 10/21:

I decided to check with AMC’s customer support to see what they were saying, and they said it is the official runtime as entered into ComScore’s Rentrak. That’s the OFFICIAL database that studios use to report running times for box office purposes. If it’s there, it’s official.

Of course, that doesn’t stop people from harassing me and threatening to kill me for reporting on the runtime.