Sony Uses Another Matrix Code-Name for Their Upgraded PS4


Later this year it’s very likely that Sony will be releasing a new PlayStation 4 that will feature new components to allow 4K media streaming, as well as better game performance.

This “PS4K” has been rumored for quite a while, with things really starting to heat up around the Game Developer’s Conference earlier this year. That’s when the first real rumblings of a more powerful PS4 started to emerge, and now Giant Bomb says the code-name for the new system is “Neo”.

This is the second Matrix name Sony has used for a PlayStation 4-related project. The first was Morpheus, which was Sony’s new PSVR headset that is also coming out later this year. As it’s speculated that this new PS4K is being released to help games run better on VR, naming it Neo to go with the Morpheus is a pretty cool idea.

One has to wonder if Sony has a “Trinity” somewhere in development, and if so what that could be.