5 Ways Civil War Faithfully Adapts the Original Comic Event


Avengers: Age of Ultron may have shared the title of a comic book cross-over event, but it really had nothing in common with the comic story Age of Ultron. Captain America: Civil War on the other hand is a surprisingly faithful adaptation of the popular comic event. Even though a Superhero Registration Act doesn’t really fit in the smaller Marvel Cinematic Universe, they actually got the major beats of the original Civil War pretty accurate in the movie.

Superhero Event With Mass Collateral Casualties


The comic book Civil War was sparked when the New Warriors leveled a small town while filming a reality TV show. In the MCU, the Civil War grows out of growing collateral damage caused by the Avengers. The destruction of Sokovia in Age of Ultron has a big part to do with this, but damage accidentally caused by Scarlet Witch while on a mission in Nigeria is the spark that ignites the Sokovia Accords.

A Mother Who Confronts Stark


Just like in the comics, where a mother who’s son was killed in the New Warriors event confronts Stark, the same thing happens in Civil War. This time it’s a mother of a son who died in Sokovia, and her confronting him is part of what sends him over onto the side of the government.

The Accords


It’s not the Superhero Registration Act, but the government oversight law in the movie is basically the same thing. The Sokovia Accords requires the superheroes to register with the government and be told where they can or can not go. It’s basically the same dilemma the characters in the comic faced, without the whole secret identity angle coming into play. There’s really no major difference between the Sokovia Accords and the comic’s Registration Act, they both have the same core effect.

Tony Recruits Spider-Man


Just like in the comic, Tony Stark recruits Spider-Man to his side. And just like in the comic, he makes him a new suit. The difference is in the movie Spidey keeps his secret identity and the suit Tony makes him is the one you see in the trailer. It’s to replace the home-made costume Peter was using for his first six months as Spider-Man.

The Secret Avengers


One of the cooler developments of the comic event was the idea of Secret Avengers. While they are never actually named that in the movie, that’s what you’ll see in the movie. Tony will be leading the “official” Avengers, the ones who are legal and with the government. While Steve’s team will be the Secret Avengers. It brings in one of the cooler elements from the comics into the MCU, and opens Phase 3 up to some very cool possibilities.