5 Things a Force Awakens Special Edition Could Fix


Despite what a vocal minority on the internet may think, the Star Wars Special Editions are actually the SUPERIOR editions of the movies. As much as people liked The Force Awakens, there are a few things in the movie that a Special Edition of it could fix or improve. Here are five:

Leia Hugging Chewie


Even JJ Abrams admits this is a mistake, and it was one of the biggest complaints with how the movie ended. It would require a new scene to be filmed, but with them doing two additional Star Wars movies it’s not like they can’t fit something like this in. Instead of hugging Rey, someone Leia doesn’t know, she should’ve went to Chewie who just lost Han.

Artoo Suddenly Waking Up


Abrams has explained that R2 suddenly wakes up at the end because it takes older droids a long time to boot up from sleep mode. But that’s not really explained at all in the movie and it leaves people scratching their heads how he can suddenly turn back on at just the right moment.

How Artoo Got the Map


Like Artoo suddenly waking up, there’s an explanation as to how he has the rest of the map but it’s also not in the movie. Abrams says that Artoo downloaded the Imperial network when he tapped into the Death Star in A New Hope. Kylo explains they have the map from their Imperial records, but there’s not enough connective tissue in the movie to let people figure out that Artoo also has the map for the same reason.

Restore Kylo in the Falcon!


Of all of the deleted scenes on the Blu-Ray, the nearly minute-long scene of Kylo Ren searching the crashed Falcon is one that really should be in the movie. This is one that was talked about a lot on spoiler sites prior to the movie releasing (was that why Abrans cut it?), and is an awesome moment of Han Solo’s son in the cockpit of the Falcon remembering what once was.

Shorten the Force Interrogation Scene


Every time I see The Force Awakens, the movie seems to hit a grinding halt during the second Force interrogation scene between Kylo and Rey. The bit with him holding out his hand to her face just feels like it lasts forever. That could probably be trimmed down a few seconds, which wouldn’t change the fact that she resisted him, and then there would be room for more stuff added back into the movie like the scene of Kylo on the Falcon.