The X-Files ‘My Struggle II’ Recap


The short six-episode revival of The X-Files comes to a close with one of the show’s biggest cliffhangers ever in My Struggle II.

Some people were complaining about the lack of Mulder in this episode, but again if you see this mini-series as microcosm of the entire series this was the episode most like Season 10. We even got Monica Reyes back, and her return solved one of the big mysteries the mini-series posed following the series finale in 2002.

We learn that she’s been gone from the FBI for a decade because immediately following his “death” in the season finale, the severely burned Cigarette Smoking Man recruited her as his new assistant. It’s her who confirms Scully’s theory about the conspiracy and the mass-depopulation that begins in this episode. This is one of the biggest Mythology pieces The X-Files has ever done, showing the endgame of the conspiracy that drove the series for ten years…while there being a pretty big way for Mulder and Scully to save the world.

As suspected, William has a big part to play but we’ll have to wait and see how that works out. The episode ended with a cliffhanger. Mulder is dying and the only thing that can save him is stem cells from his and Scully’s son. But before Scully could finish that thought, a triangle craft appears overhead, and… that’s it.

So we’re either going to get that third movie that Chris Carter says is already written, or Fox is going to ask for another six-episode mini-series. Either way (despite what the opening credits said), this is not the end of The X-Files.