The X-Files ‘Founder’s Mutation’ Recap


When the six episodes of the new X-Files were announced we soon learned there would be two Mythology episodes book-ending four Monster of the Week episodes. “Founder’s Mutation” may be considered one of the Monster of the Week episodes, but it definitely has a touch of Mythology in it as well.

The episode begins like any classic standalone X-Files episode with something very strange happening prior to Mulder and Scully getting involved. Although it’s familiar, the new “Fox presents” text right before the opening credits sort of reminds you that this isn’t an older episode you’re watching. Also, speaking of those opening credits they appear to be done by the same people who messed up the Blu-Ray credits as its using the same (wrong) font for the title that the Blu-Rays did.

Founder’s Mutation deals with who is basically a mad scientist who experimented on kids, and it seems like he’s using alien DNA to do it. There’s that DNA that was a part of the first episode, and it’s possible that could be a familiar element that runs through these six episodes. As part of the revelation of the alien DNA, the episode also gives us the first mention of the Syndicate in this revival as Mulder brings up their project to experiment with alien DNA.

This episode also punches long-time X-Philes right in the feels with both Scully and Mulder having dreams of what their life with William would’ve been like. William also seems to be a big part of these six episodes, and I wonder if he’ll show up before the end of the last episode.

Those who had issues with the premiere episode will probably find the second one a bit more like the X-Files they remember. Next week’s episode is going to be the “funny” one, and I can’t wait.