Bits of ‘Flashpoint’ Come to CW’s The Flash

ComicsFlashpointIf you’re not watching The CW’s Flash series, you’re missing the best comic book show on television. Marvel’s stuff on ABC has been great this year, but Flash has been firing on all cylinders and it looks to get even more awesome in the next couple of weeks.

As if revealing Grodd recently wasn’t enough, it looks like a big part of DC’s Flashpoint storyline will be playing out in the series very soon. With Detective West and Cisco investigating the murder of Barry’s mother, the idea of time travel is being introduced in the series. The trailer for the next episode (below) hints that Barry may travel back in time to save his mother.

What’s cool about them doing that story is that’s exactly the cause of the Flashpoint storyline in the comics, which lead to the New 52. Barry went back to prevent Reverse Flash from killing his mother, and as a result broke time and caused the Flashpoint universe to exist. While it’s doubtful DC will go that far with the series, it’s cool to see something so recent being used in the series.