Harley Quinn Confirmed for the Suicide Squad Movie

Following a weekend that experienced Heath Ledger-style freak outs from fanboys on the internet following rumors that Warner wants Jared Leto as The Joker in Suicide Squad, one member of the team has now been confirmed.

When the movie was originally announced, Margot Robbie of The Wolf of Wall Street was one of the rumored names that Warner wanted for it. Now Collider has confirmed that she will indeed be playing Harley Quinn in the movie, which most sane fans expected when her named popped up. She’s absolutely perfect for Harley, and it’s a good sign that David Ayer’s movie is on the right path.

While Harley Quinn is a member of the New 52 Suicide Squad, neither The Joker or the rumored Lex Luthor are. If they do end up putting Black Manta on the movie team, it’s starting to look a lot more like the Legion of Doom than Suicide Squad by being the anti-Justice League made up of the League members’ core villains. Maybe that’s the idea? Suicide Squad will begin as the team of villains it is in the comic, but then evolve into the DC Cinematic Universe’s version of the Legion of Doom.