Cryptic Reveals F2P Star Trek Online Details

If you were curious as to exactly what you’ll be able to do in Star Trek Online as a free player, Cryptic has released the full details on the F2P conversion. For those players who decide to not pay the monthly fee, they’ll actually not have too many limitations compared to most F2P MMOs.

Aside from limited character slots, inventory and bank space, and the amount of currency you can carry; F2P players won’t have access to the Foundry to create their own missions. Aside from that, they get a pretty robust MMO for no monthly fee. You can check out the full matrix comparing the Gold and Silver accounts right here.

There are other changes coming to the game with the conversion, such as Klingon play being unlocked at level 25 now to give the developers the chance to flesh out the 1-25 Klingon content. If you already have a Klingon, and it isn’t level 25, it will be increased in rank. Some changes will come to the C-Store with the mention that some premium races (such as Ferengi) will become free while others (Liberated Borg, Joined Trill) will be earned some other way.

Even cooler, Lifetime and Monthly Subscribers will receive a 400 Cryptic Point monthly stipend. So those who bought a Lifetime sub actually get a little extra now as they aren’t paying monthly to play and they get some free Cryptic Points every month.

The F2P version of STO is due to release later this year.