Our 10 Picks for the DC Comics Relaunch

The big DC Comics relaunch kicks off in just a couple weeks with the release of Justice League #1. Naturally, 52 comics is a lot to sift through for one month of comic buying, so we’ve whittled down the list to the ten books out of the New 52 that are must-reads.

Justice League

Jim Lee finally teaming up with Geoff Johns to relaunch Justice League? If this isn’t already in your saver at your local comic shop, you’re not a DC fan. This could end up being another legendary DC run, similar to Batman Hush. The early preview released of it looks very good, and it’s the perfect book to kick the relaunch off with.


Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics was absolutely amazing. It was the perfect “detective” style story for Batman, and with his run down on that book, he’s taking over Batman for the relaunch. That right there makes “Batman” one of the most exciting books for the Caped Crusader this September.

Action Comics

Grant Morrison has his fans, and his haters. I personally despise what he did with X-Men and a lot of his Batman stuff, but his All Star Superman was awesome. That’s why him relaunching Action Comics is exciting. It’ll be dealing with the early years of Superman’s career and Morrison says it will be going back to some of the older style of stories where Superman was standing up for the little guy against evil businessmen.


Barbara Gordon walking again is perhaps the most controversial element of the entire reboot. No single book has received more ire and early hatred than this one, but Barbara is in the best hands possible for the relaunch; Gail Simone. Her writing Batgirl should be enough reason to add this one to your saver.


Geoff Johns has shepherded characters such as Green Lantern and The Flash to new levels of popularity, and now he appears to be trying the same thing with one of the most unpopular characters of all; Aquaman. That alone is worth checking the book out for; just to see how Johns is going to make Aquaman interesting again.