Marvel Asks Retailers to Buy More DC Comics

During DC’s big Blackest Night crossover; Marvel initiated a “Comics for Comics” program where retailers could send in 50 covers from DC’s Blackest Night comics in exchange for a limited Siege Deadpool variant cover. The result was that many stores simply ordered more issues of Blackest Night to get the cover (or to replace stock they used to get it), and obviously Marvel didn’t learn their lesson as they are doing the same thing this summer.

If retailers send in 50 covers from a selection of Flashpoint issues, they’ll receive a very limited Fear Itself #6 McGuinness Variant. Once again, stores will just order more copies of Flashpoint to get it, which helps DC.

“In these tough economic times, feel it’s our duty to help,” explained David Gabriel, Marvel Senior Vice President of Publishing, Sales and Circulation. “After the overwhelmingly positive response to our Comics For Comics programs, through which we received tens of thousands of covers, we’re excited to provide retailers with the chance to help their stores through selling an ultra-rate variant.”

It’s their duty to help? Help who? Their primary competitor. That’s all this dumb promotion does. Talk about making your company look stupid.

2 thoughts on “Marvel Asks Retailers to Buy More DC Comics

  1. I think you’re over estimating the number of retailers who would do that. The comic industry isn’t booming the way it used to (especially with single issues) so probably the majority that get sent to Marvel for the variant cover are from actual stock.

  2. No, Marvel is saying ONE copy of their comic is worth FIFTY copies of their competiton’s. And they’re also saying Collectors are dumb enough to pay the equivalent of fifty DC comics’ cover prices for one of this variant cover.

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